• RAJU SPINNING MILLS P LTD was promoted by a group of entrepreneurs, qualified in textile production with years of experience in the family business of cotton & yarn distribution. The company is based at Rajapalayam, a centre of ginning & spinning mills and has built up the technology, infrastructure and human resource required to operate the industry with a high grade of efficiency. The management of Raju Spinning Mills has built up professional expertise and backed it up with ethical and healthy business practices that invariably lead to forward trends in the long run.
  • At Raju’s, we’ve grown to believe that your product is your best salesman, conformance to specification is your best promise and customer satisfaction is your best testimonial. With a sharp focus on customer satisfaction, the company has achieved the signal landmarks it has in an astonishingly short period of time, growing from strength to strength. This is achieved by close interaction at practically every stage derived from warp and weft, going on to hem and seam. The resultant effect therefore is that we simply cannot go wrong. And needless to say, the bonus is the absolutely cohesive relationship that we have evolved with our clients.
  • The customer oriented policy firmly in place and a thrust on the quality aspect with sheer consistency came to be identified with the company. The client list grew by leaps and bounds. With international recognition coming naturally as a matter of course, the company broke ground in the world market. The product range was geared to meeting the demand that surged in from all quarters. Orders and sales burgeoned in geometric progression. And where does this lead us to? A mutually satisfying business environment. The company has blueprinted elaborate plans for expansion into new products and markets in the near future with the continuous introduction of new and improved design and fabric in keeping with the changing times of this particular industry.